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Gung-Ho Real Estate Investments

Flexible, Scalable, Profitable Investments Selected and Managed by Gung-Ho

John L. Wade Investments

No Investor Participation | No Government Assistance

Holcomb Commercial


Mill Street Crossing


The Montage North

Investors Are Welcome

New Investment Projects for 2025 are Coming Soon
With Great Investors, Gung-Ho Can Do Even Greater Things

Gung-Ho Management

We Find. We Invest. We Develop. We Manage.
We Have Successfully Worked Together For Over 25 Years.

John L. Wade
Founder & CEO
Investor & Developer

I am a benevolent investor and developer that is rebuilding and improving the Downtown Reno community for everyone’s benefit by repurposing underutilized properties to create something new where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, or, 1 + 1 = 3.

Mary Babiasz
Chief Operations Officer
Investor & Developer

I actively participate in all aspects of buying, selling, leasing, property management, development, and construction of homes, multi-family residential properties, and commercial properties for Gung-Ho, myself, and third-party buyers, sellers, and investors.

The Gung-Ho Real Estate Network

We Select and Work with the Best People and the Best Companies in Reno


Todd Copenhaver is very creative, unassuming, and actively listens to our ideas. We think his work is fantastic and he is our “go-to” architect for all Gung-Ho real estate projects and many of our own personal homes too.

Buying & Selling

Mary Babiasz is extremely detail-oriented and does an excellent job of overseeing all of Gung-Ho’s buying, selling, leasing, managing, property management, development, construction, and real estate operations.

Leasing, Renting & Property Management

Gung-Ho has partnered with the team of experts at Marmot Properties to lease commercial and multi-family residential properties, rent co-working office space and storage units, and provide professional tenant services and property management for all Gung-Ho real estate operations.

Development & Construction

Dennis Banks Construction provides Gung-Ho with ground-up planning and construction, repairs and renovations, and remodeling services. We receive preferred pricing, and they complete their work per the schedule.

Real Estate Advisor

Gung-Ho is very fortunate Batuhan Zadeh, CEO of Marmot Properties, openly shares his wealth of knowledge and expertise in the Downtown Reno real estate market with Gung-Ho and is willing to assist us with our Downtown Reno planning, investment, and development strategy.

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