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Gung-Ho Company Overview

Gung-Ho Investments

Real Estate Investments

Flexible, Scalable, Profitable Real Estate Investments Selected and Managed by the Gung-Ho Team.

Gung-Ho Storage

Storage in Downtown Reno

 Self-Storage, Wine Storage, Cigar Humidors, Climate-Controlled, Video Surveillance, and Secure 24/7 Access.

Gung-Ho Workspace

Co-Working Office Space

Modern Private Offices, Conference Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Social Areas, Kitchen, Bar, and Secure 24/7 Access.

Our Gung-Ho Team Leaders

John L. Wade
Founder & CEO

When I was 16, I bought my first rental property by purchasing a home for $1,500 down and assuming the loan. I sold that home and used the profit to buy apartments. I am now buying commercial properties in Downtown Reno.

Mary E. Babiasz
Chief Operations Officer

I actively participate in all aspects of buying, selling, leasing, property management, development, and construction of homes, multi-family residential, and commercial properties for myself, Gung-Ho, and third parties.

Tabitha L. Schneider
Chief Development Officer
Reno Hive, Founder & Owner

I founded Reno Hive to create the perfect co-working environment. Although I am still very active growing the Reno Hive, I am excited to be a major part of the team finding, developing, and expanding Gung-Ho opportunities.

Our Gung-Ho Name Says It All

“Gung-Ho” means enthusiastically “working together” in a successful manner to create something new where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts or, simply stated, “1 + 1 = 3.”

Our Gung-Ho Attitude

Over the years, Gung-Ho has gained a reputation for its positive – one might even say “gung-ho” – attitude about doing whatever it takes to meet its clients’ needs.
Surebridge Case Study
Publishing, Media and Communications Industries

Our Gung-Ho Logo

The two interacting boomerangs in our logo represent the synergy of “working together.”

Our logo is also a loosely shaped “G” for “Gung-Ho” and a “positive upward sloping arrow” to indicate “successful growth” or how we “swim upstream” to “disrupt the status quo” of the industry. 

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