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Phillip Kenoyer’s Bio
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Phillip Kenoyer’s Bio

Phillip Kenoyer

VP, Information Technologies

In 1983, I didn’t even know what a computer was, but I received one for helping my dad with some construction work. He knew that computers were the future.

It was my birthday and I had a brand new Timex SinClair 1000, the owner’s manual, and a lot of time. That’s how I learned to write computer software. I started out with BASIC and ASM then moved to Pascal and C while in school.

In the early 1990s, I worked at computer stores building PCs for customers and I ran The Most Excellent BBS in Modesto, CA. Shortly after this, the Internet started taking over so I jumped in head first. While working at Technodyne Computers, we set up a deal with a local Internet provider to preinstall their dial-up Internet on our systems.

In 1995, I learned about a new Operating System called Linux. So, I switched to it from IBM OS/2 and Novel Netware. Nothing was ever the same again.

In 1998, while working at MicroProse, the World Wide Web started taking off. So I learned PHP and Javascript. I knew the Internet was where I needed to be. So I learned everything I could about TCP/IP and other Internet systems. I spent many days on IRC.

In 1999, I built a system called Webentory with Consumer Data Corporation. It was a vehicle listing service for used car dealerships. It was also the back end for AutoMallCity, a vehicle listing aggregator for many dealerships across northern California.

In 2002, I moved to Silver Springs, Nevada. There was no high speed Internet and I was used to DSL coming from the Bay Area. Wireless was starting to emerge so I had AT&T install a T1 to my home. Then, so I could afford the T1, I became an ISP and began selling Internet connectivity to my neighbors. I built wireless access points with external antennas and mounted them on customers’ roofs. I even built wireless relays on towers to rebroadcast Internet to areas where I did not have a clear line of sight. I sold the ISP in 2005.

In 2003, I built a business-to-business (B2B) Live Simulcast Vehicle Auction system for GH Remarketing. Buyers could bid in the room as well as on-line. After three iterations of this system, it was finally purchased by Brasher’s Auto Auctions in Utah.

In 2005, I started my own company, Orange Room Software (ORS). At the same time, I started writing Ruby on Rails Web applications. Since 2005, for ORS, I have built a car inventory system for DealerTrend, a credit union automotive auction system for ACUAA, the backend for 01Click (enterprise sales tool on the iPad), and many other small RoR projects along the way.

I have also wrote a handful of WordPress plugins that include a Vehicle listing system, the SnapEngage chat integration plugin, some testimonial plugins, and real estate plugins. I have also build a few WordPress themes including a HTML5 parent theme that I use for the handful of Web sites I host.

Now I’m working with Gung-Ho Company to create revolutionary ways to do on-demand printing for our business-to-business (B2B) clients. One of our many proprietary technologies is a method to automatically change flat 2D PDF files into premium printed and bound 3D books, manuals, and documents.