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Help Topics & Customer Support

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Pricing depends upon the quantity and printing options. When you Create a new Item, the price is automatically calculated when you upload your file and is updated as you select your options. For existing Items and Orders, the current price is displayed and changes depending upon the quantity to be ordered.

Production Time

Orders typically ship within 4 business days. During the holiday season, our standard production times may be extended by an additional 2 business days due to increased order volume. Shipping time in transit depends upon the shipping method selected.

Production Timeline: For jobs submitted before 11:45 a.m. PT on a business day, that day is considered Day 0. Production begins the following business day which is Production Day 1. Most jobs ship by the end of Production Day 4. For jobs submitted on nonbusiness days, which includes holidays and weekends, Day 0 is the next business day.

Example: For a job submitted on the weekend or after 11:45 a.m. PT on Friday, Monday is Day 0 so the job should ship by Friday which is Production Day 4.

4 Day Turnaround

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sat/Sun Monday Tuesday
Day 0
Off to Press
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
Job Ships

Orders & Reprints – Three Ways To Order

1. Create – Order A Brand-New Item

Order Process: Log in, click/tap Create, name your item, upload a PDF file, select your options, review your order, and check out.

Save Options: (1) You can start an item and save it to edit later by clicking/tapping SAVE FOR LATER; or (2) you can finish creating an item and add it to your Items without placing an order by clicking/tapping ADD TO ITEMS.

Edit Process: Log in, click/tap Items, and click/tap the edit icon for the Item you want to edit. When you are done editing, you can place an order, use one of the Save Options, or discard the item.

File Preparation Guidelines: Before you upload your file, make sure your file complies with Gung-Ho’s File Preparation Guidelines.

Preview Files: After you upload your file, you will be able to PREVIEW your file in its print-ready form, as well as preview separate COVER and CONTENT files.
IMPORTANT: Make sure to carefully review your files before you submit your order. Orders cannot be changed or canceled after they are submitted to our fully-automated production process.

Printed Samples / Proofs: To be safe and avoid costly errors, we strongly recommend that you order a printed sample and use it as a proof to carefully review your work before you order a large quantity.

2. Items – Reprint One Or More Items

Order Process: Log in, click/tap Items, select the items you want to order, review your order, and check out.

3. Orders – Reprint An Entire Order

Order Process: Log in, click/tap Orders, click or tap REORDER for the order you want to reprint, review your order, and check out.

No Changes Or Cancellations


Order Status / Review An Order

To check the status of an order or to review an order: Log in, click/tap Orders, and click/tap the order number you want to check or review.

Shipping & Tracking

Shipping Email Notification

When your order ships, an email with “Your Gung-Ho order has shipped” as the subject is sent to you and the Shipping and Billing email addresses that were entered on your order. The email includes the shipping details and a link to the carrier’s tracking information.

Shipping Issues

Once your order ships, the carrier is responsible for any product damage, delays in transit, etc. Please contact the carrier directly to resolve any shipping issues.

Track An Order

To track an order: Log in, click/tap Orders, and click/tap the order’s shipping method which will link you directly to the carrier’s tracking information.


We have never had a return so we do not have a returns process. If you think you have something that needs to be returned, please contact Customer Support.

Customer Support

Contact Customer Support

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    Mailing Address
    Gung-Ho Company
    PO Box 100
    Reno, NV 89504 US

    Main / Admin
    +1 (775) 831-3700
    +1 (800) Go Gung-Ho

    Sales / Support
    +1 (775) 831-3750
    +1 (888) Go Gung-Ho

    6 a.m.–6 p.m. PT