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Our Innovative GENIE Technologies
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Our Innovative GENIE Technologies

The Gung-Ho Technology Difference

At Gung-Ho, we know having the best technology is a key difference between success and failure. For nearly 40 years, our IT team has been at the forefront of virtually every major e-commerce and on-demand publishing technology in use today. And, since 1999, our innovative GENIE technologies have provided our clients, customers, and suppliers with competitive advantage they cannot get from any other company, anywhere, period.

GENIE Technologies Overview

GENIE, the “Gung-Ho Enterprise Network and Information Exchange,” is Gung-Ho’s powerful and award-winning information system that seamlessly integrates e-commerce, digital content delivery, and worldwide physical product manufacturing, fulfillment, and distribution.


Our GENIE system includes GENIE components like GOLD, the “Gung-Ho On-Line Data” application, which is a browser-based secure Web portal to GENIE; and Go Technologies which are add-ons that extend or add new functionality and features to GENIE’s open architecture.

Secure In The Cloud Since 1999

Since its launch in 1999, GENIE has been maintained in Secure SAS 70 Type II Certified Data Centers that provide 99.9% system availability, rapid scalability, redundancy, and no unauthorized system access.

E-Commerce & Web Stores

GENIE was designed from the beginning to integrate with client and third-party Web Stores and order management systems. Gung-Ho also offers totally-free Web Stores that clients can brand with their name, logo, and favicon.

Digital Content Delivery

Digital content delivery, including downloads and streaming, can be integrated to make sure that all delivery – both digital and physical – is seamless, consistent, and simultaneous regardless of the format.

Physical Product Fulfillment

Beyond being a rock-solid information system, GENIE is a complete production tool that ensures no detail is missed and that all physical products are successfully manufactured and shipped on time and on budget.

Capacity & Accuracy

Monthly production capacity exceeds 100 million printed pages, discs and other media, including packaging and assembly, that ship with a 99.99% order fulfillment accuracy.

Order Processing Overview

Monthly Order Capacity for More Than 100 Million Printed Pages, Discs, and Packaging

More About GENIE

What They Are Saying

Gung-Ho and its award-winning GENIE system have been featured in publications such as 
The New York Times, The Boston Globe, and Outsourcing Journal; and the subject of case studies published by companies including MicrosoftCitrix SystemsSurebridge, and NaviSite.

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