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About Us

We Are Gung-Ho!

Gung-Ho provides technology-centric solutions for delivering our clients’ physical and digital products.

Our Team Leaders

John Wade

Mary Babiasz

Phillip Kenoyer

Our Roots

Our roots date back to 1982 in Silicon Valley. The IBM PC had just been introduced and we began supplying the required manuals, software, and packaging.

Over the years, we continued to focus on providing software products for the rapidly growing high-tech industry. As printed manuals became PDF files and software discs became downloads, we were there leading the industry with our innovative e-commerce and on-demand production technologies.

We continued to lead the industry when the “Cloud” became the rage. Digital downloads were no longer enough. Cloud computing meant you could sell software as a service (SaaS), and streaming technologies allowed digital content providers to rent movies, music, games, etc.


Today, everything has converged. There is still a need for physical products and physical distribution. There is also a need for those same products to be delivered digitally. Then there is the Web and the power of social media which, together, have taken over as a way to drive sales and deliver content.

So the challenge becomes:
How do you solve the complex physical, digital, and e-commerce issues in today’s Web world?

That’s where Gung-Ho fits in. We are experts at solving today’s challenges. For nearly 40 years, we have worked closely with the leaders of the high-tech industry. We saw the issues they faced, then we developed our powerful and innovative GENIE technologies to cost-effectively deliver their physical and digital products.

We also ushered in the Web and use virtually every major new e-commerce technology as a means to deliver our clients’ content as well as increase their sales.

When we create your custom solution, whether it’s to manage all of the pieces or just one piece, you can rest assured that we will make it easy for you to reap the greatest reward with the least effort.

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