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Why Use Gung-Ho?
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Why Use Gung-Ho?

We Manage Everything… You Get The Profits!

We Make It Easy For You

Gung-Ho makes it easy for you to sell your products because we manage the entire process – from initial order through final delivery – and provide you with a risk-free, hassle-free revenue stream.

We Process Every Type Of Order

We process orders from your Web store, third-party Web stores like, free branded Web stores Gung-Ho provides, social media pages and marketplaces, call centers, and sales order systems. All orders are integrated in our GENIE system so all of your sales information is in one secure place.

We Ship Directly To Every Type Of Customer

We ship directly to your end-user customers, distributors, and retailers along with e-mail notifications, online tracking, and proof of delivery.

We Give You Information To Cross-Sell And Upsell

All your sales information is in our GENIE system, so you “know” exactly who is buying what and when which allows you to “grow” your sales with targeted cross-sell and upsell promotions.

We Deliver Physical And Digital Products

It does matter to us whether your product is a printed book or an e-book, a software CD or a download, or a DVD or a streaming video. We can deliver your products in any, or every, format you desire.

We Have Industry-Low Pricing

At the same time our physical fulfillment and digital distribution is putting more of your products into the hands of your customers, our industry-low pricing is putting more money in your pocket.

We Have Never Lost A Client

Over the years, we have worked with the “who’s who” of the high-tech industry, won numerous supplier awards, and, most impressively, we have never lost a client based upon our quality or performance.

We Guarantee What We Say

It’s simple, “We do what we say,” and we are willing to guarantee it with penalties if we don’t – which is easy for us because we’ve never had to pay a penalty!

  • On-Time Shipping Guarantees

  • 99.99% Order Fulfillment Accuracy

  • Financial Responsibility For Retailer Chargebacks

  • No On-Demand Print Or On-Demand Disc Returns

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