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Our History Of Innovation
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Our History Of Innovation

40 Years Of Leading Through Innovation

Our history dates back to 1982 in Silicon Valley. The IBM PC had just been introduced and we began supplying the required manuals, software, and packaging. Since that time, we have been at the forefront of virtually every major e-commerce and on-demand printing technology in use today.

Milestones In Our History Of Innovation



Component Manufacturing of Binders, Printing, Software, and Packaging



Turnkey Manufacturing Including On-Demand Disk Duplication, Assembly, and Fulfillment



BBS-Based E-Commerce Order Processing



Digital Distribution of Documentation on CDs



On-Demand Digital Printing of Documentation using Xerox DocuTechs

Acquired Tandem Computers’ Documentation Printing and Fulfillment Operations in San Jose, CA



Manufactured Mosaic Web Browser Software (Renamed Netscape Navigator) that “Launched” the World Wide Web



Web-Based E-Commerce Order Processing and Digital Distribution of Software (ESD)

Manufactured NeXT’s WebObjects Software used to Build and Operate the Apple Store

Acquired The Learning Company’s MECC Software Manufacturing and Distribution Operations in Minneapolis, MN



Acquired NeXT Computers’ Software Manufacturing and Distribution Operations in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands



Digital Rights Management (DRM) for Subscriptions, Licensing, Training, and Support

Built HP’s First E-Commerce Web Store with Integrated Digital Content Distribution and Physical Product Fulfillment



GENIE Software as a Service (SaaS) Information System in Secure Cloud Data Center Environment

99.99999% GENIE Order Fulfillment Accuracy Achieved in Product Launch of 2.5 Million Software Kits



GOLD Secure Web Portal to GENIE SaaS in Secure Cloud Data Center Environment



GOLD To Go! Wireless Web-Based Portal for Anywhere, Anytime Mobile Access to GENIE



Go-Cart Integrates Web Store Orders, Call Center Orders, and Accounting System Purchase Orders



Go-Station Dynamic Variable Data Printing of Secure Registration Codes, License Keys, and Export Documents

DOD Approval for Generating, Storing, and Printing Mil-Spec Encrypted Registration Codes and License Keys



Large Format On-Demand Digital Printing on Multiple Substrates

2011 for Online Do-It-Yourself On-Demand Printing for Custom On-Demand Software Publishing Programs

2013 for Online Do-It-Yourself On-Demand Duplication of CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs with Complete Design, Production, and Fulfillment Services with Integrated Web Marketing, Digital Content Distribution, and Physical Product Fulfillment



Gung-Ho and FastPencil Launch Exclusive Evernote Printing and Publishing Services for 100+ Million Evernote Users Worldwide

2017 for Totally-Free Branded Web Stores to Sell Books and Distribute Documents

2018 for Totally-Free Self-Publishing of Printed Books and Documents



99.99% Order Fulfillment Accuracy for Over 20 Years



Gung-Ho Real Estate Showcases Real Estate Companies in the Reno-Tahoe Area



Gung-Ho Storage Brings Much Needed Self-Storage to the Rapidly Growing Downtown Reno Area

Clients That Are High-Tech Leaders

Over the years, we have worked with the “who’s who” of the high-tech industry, won numerous supplier awards, and, most impressively, we have never lost a client based upon our quality or performance.

Want To Benefit From Our Innovations?